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Fidelity Plumbers West Seattle

It is a mad mad world. Everyone is after making money. This West Seattle has changed a lot. Few years back, people were warm. But today they just don’t care. Some professions are more affected. One of them is plumbing. Earlier there were many West Seattle Plumber. Now only few are left. It is more like one man rule. The West Seattle plumbers here charge high.
It is high time to stop this. That is why, plumber West Seattle WA has opened its office in your West Seattle. We are new to this place. But we have years of experience as a plumber. Across country, we have many branches. And we are happy to come to your West Seattle.
West Seattle plumber has few aims:
1. To provide excellent services for all plumbing worries.
2. Bring in latest technology. This will make many plumbing works easy.
3. To provide the lowest possible rates.
4. Ensure complete customer satisfaction.
With these things in mind, we have started our office here. Plumber West Seattle WA will help both residential and commercial clients.
To start with, we have some offers going on:
-First hundred customers get free inspection. During this, the West Seattle plumber will visit you. He will check all the pipes and faucets. You will get a report of inspection.
-You get the quotes after inspection. If you find better rates, we pay the difference.
-All services are guaranteed. Any problems later, we fix it for free.
How can plumber West Seattle WA help you?
Plumber West Seattle takes all kinds of work. Small or big, we do it. For houses, we can handle:
Plumber West Seattle can fix leaking taps. Other plumbers may not do it. Or they may keep you waiting. Plumber West Seattle is different. Our expert can provide same day service. We even have all kinds of taps. You can buy from us and get free installation. If you have your tap, just pay fitting fee.
With winters, frozen pipes are common. It is like no water in shower. We have special devices to fix this. Our team will teach you how to prevent it. Some simple steps, and you will never have frozen pipes.
Look for foul smells around sinks or dampness on walls. These are warning signs. You must call West Seattle plumber. They will find if there is any faulty pipe. If you fix it now, you will be happy later.

Plumbing Service & Repairs

Routine & emergency repairs

We do all kinds of plumbing works whether it is residential or commercial plumbing. The services include repairing of faucet or sanitation work.

About Us

Plumber West Seattle WA can install water heaters. As a rule of thumb, water heaters older than 11 years, we suggest to replace. There are reasons for this. The old heaters consume much energy. By changing you will save in energy bills. Also, it might break again. Repair will cost more. Nowadays, there are many heater with no wait time. They are compact too. Plumber West Seattle gives free fitting when you buy heater from us.
You can get in annual contract with plumber West Seattle WA. By this, you no more need to worry about blocked sinks and slow drains. All this will be our problem. For full one year. You just need to let us know. We will get it done sooner than you think.
Besides this, we can help in many more ways. Any pipe problem, just call the expert West Seattle plumber.
We have a separate team for commercial buildings. These plumber have specialised on complex systems. They have worked in many difficult situation. More than this, they are well equipped. Plumber West Seattle WA is a big company. We have latest machines and technology. Our team can work at night too. This will not hamper your business.
Plumber West Seattle can help you install boilers. We can repair them too. With some new technology, we can even help you save on the bills.
For commercial kitchen, we can set up grease traps. This will prevent from blocking the pipes.
If there is a break in main pipe line, all you need is plumber West Seattle. We know the codes well. Our experts are aware of municipal pipeline system. Most times, we can fix problems without digging.
With the help of high power jet sprays, we can clean any pipe. These high force sprays, make the work lot easier. Fibre optic cables help find any damage. Any replacement is done using trenchless sewer technology.
All products used are environment friendly. So, you get clean pipes. And you also keep the surrounding clean.
Our experts are available 24X7. You can book the appointment. For urgent problems, we can help in less than one hour. The team is mostly working across the West Seattle. They are tracked via GPS. In case of emergency, an expert can visit you on priority.
We have no special rates. Prices of plumber West Seattle remain same any day. You can contact us in many ways. Visit our website and chat with an agent. Or you can just call on the below number. Plumber West Seattle waits to help you!! 

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